Last night Michigan joined nine other states in becoming a place were marijuana can be used in a recreational way as voters statewide turned up at the polls. In the end, 57% of the voters voted YES on Prop 1, which offers a plan to authorize and legalize recreational marijuana, including possession, use and cultivation of products by individuals, who are at least 21 years of age, and commercial sales of marijuana through state-licensed retailers, according to the ballet text.

19 year-old me is stoked. But what does this mean? Michigan also elected Gretchen Whitmer as Governor, who is planning to free those convicted of marijuana related crimes. There are still a lot of things that need to play out for it to officially be legal in the state of Michigan. So let's go over some things you shouldn't do today:

1. Don't Go Walking Down The Street Taking Bong Rips- Pretty sure that'll make you go viral, but also land you on probation.
2. Don't Walk Around Looking Trying To Sell Weed- Until the laws are set in place, that's still illegal.
3. Don't Smoke A Bunch Of Weed Then Go Driving- It's still against the law to under the influence while operating a car.
4. We Still Don't Wanna Hear The Grateful Dead- Seriously, we're good.
5. Be Smart- Not all people who use marijuana or THC products are criminals. Some people honestly need them to get through daily pain, and some of them just wanna relax after their day is done. But however you use it, be smart and don't get yourself into trouble. Don't get busted for no using common sense.




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