Nothing is as frightening as losing sight of your child in a public place.

Over the weekend, reported that...

Four Michigan people have been charged with conspiracy to kidnap and kill a child.


These monsters, David Bailey, 37, of Coldwater, formerly of Kalamazoo, Matthew Toole, 32, of Battle Creek, Talia Furman, 32, of Springfield, and Jayme LaPointe, 19, of Athens,  have been charged with...

* Conspiracy to Commit Murder (punishable by up to life in prison);
* Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping (punishable by up to life in prison); and
* Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree (punishable by up to life in prison).

All four people are currently in custody and waiting arraignment., thanks to the State Police. And the BEST news is that no child was harmed.

This made me start thinking about all the fall fairs happening, art shows, cider mills, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, etc. etc. and what can be done to protect your child form becoming a victim. put together a comprehensive list of things parents can do to protect their children.

  • Take a close-up photo of your child and a photo of the two of you together and store them on your phone.
  • Make a mental note of what your child is wearing and who they’re with.
  • NEVER have your child’s name displayed on clothing or backpacks.
  • Get a map immediately upon entering the fair and locate the Help Center and Lost Child Booth.
  • Talk with your child about who to ask for help – fair staff, police or fair security.
  • Be sure your child knows to not search for you on their own and not to leave the fairgrounds under any circumstances.
  • Program your child’s cell phone with key contact numbers.
  • Tell you child it’s OK to call 911 if they get separated from you.
  • Dress your child in bright clothing so they’re easy to see in crowded areas.
  • Never leave a procrastinating child behind.
  • Make sure your child knows their full name and phone number.
  • Write your phone number on a small slip of paper and tuck it in your child’s pocket.

And most importantly, (as always) give your kids a hug, and keep an eye on them!


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