The Taste and Brew of Kalamazoo beginning in a little over a week, just thinking about it is starting to make me hungry.

Taste of Kalamazoo food
Photo: Taste of Kalamazoo. Used by permission

Everyone seems to have a favorite spot to check out first every year at Taste. As Kathy and I were at the lake yesterday, chowing down with friends, the thought of some Q-It-Up just sounded so good. Patience, my friend, I had to tell myself. (Full disclosure: Q-It-Up are friends of mine and my son is one of their barbeque guys.)

I've gotten to liking food truck offerings at places like the Farmers' Market and downtown. And seeing Gorilla Gourmet in the line up this year, I'm excited to have their fare, too. GG's taco with sriracha at the Market are outstanding. Looking forward to trying it later in the day.

Another place you'll want to check out is Wild Ginger. I've been fortunate to have sampled some of their food several times and it's very good.

My best advice is bring a group of friends, everybody order something different and then share with your friends. Here's a link to the most recent menu.

One more piece of advice: Get your tickets in advance.



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