We may be in for another winter mess with a potential storm headed to the region later this week. But this storm, if it does happen, will not look like the one that dumped over a foot of snow in some areas of West Michigan earlier this month.

Several local weather offices are monitoring a weather system expected to move through the Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and surrounding areas around mid-week. Temperatures on Wednesday 2/16 are expected to be the warmest in several weeks, approaching nearly 50 degrees. But it also isn't expected to last long as temps will drop into the evening and into Thursday morning. During this time, moderate to heavy rain showers are also expected to change into sleet and then snow. The area is also expected to see some hefty wind gusts during that stretch of time.

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Among the different weather models, various predictions are being given for what will happen in West Michigan. Some are indicating a more significant weather event than others. But they all agree that the temperatures will reach at least the upper 40s, which will cause snowmelt, and, along with rain showers, areas of flooding are a concern with this system.

As far as the change over from rain to snow, the timing of it as well as how much freezing rain we get, could affect commutes on Thursday morning and/or afternoon. Snowfall amounts vary in the models as well with some saying it could be in the 4" to 8" range, which would come after several hours of rain mixing with freezing rain and sleet. Other models call for the system to move through quickly and for it to be mostly a rain event with some snowfall before it moves out, leaving only 2" to 4" on the ground.

We will keep an eye on forecast updates leading into Wednesday and pass along any updates as they become available.

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