The Detroit Lions are just too easy a target. And, if you're a die hard fan, the past is the past, and all you want is a few good wins this season. And maybe a little respect rather than non-stop ridicule, which has been the norm for way too long.

All this is prompted by an article in USA Today ranking the Leos the second most embarrassing franchise in football. Now, a cynic would say, "they couldn't even get that right" (to be the #1 most embarrassing team). That honor belongs to the Cleveland Browns, who themselves are trying to turn some history around and be respectable.

These ranking are obviously used to get clicks for USA Today. It's low hanging fruit. If a team acquires a superstar, their fortunes can turn around in a heartbeat. Of course, the Lions did have Barry Sanders and could never surround him with enough good players to put together anything more than an average team.

Early indications for this season's Lions team seem to be pointing up. I guess the best you can hope for is not being on this list next season. And besides, the way the U of M ream is playing, the Lions don't have to worry about any "embarrassing list" for the time being.



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