After fostering a mother pit bull and her 5 pups for over a week, I am feeling kind of bad. I should like all the puppies the same because they are all adorable, but I don’t. I have 2 favorites.

My first favorite is Drogo. He is the black puppy. This is the Alpha for the litter. He has no fear at all. He was actually challenging my Husky and German Sheppard at the same time! I was floored! Here is a 50 pound full grown dog and a big 20 pound puppy running from this dog that has only been on this earth for 4 weeks!


Next is Diesel. He is the cool laid back one. He’ll come up to you and want some attention and then just walk away. Like he is saying he is board of this now, what’s next. He is also pretty dominate. Likes to think he is the boss. Pretty much if there were a small pair of cool puppy sunglasses, Diesel would wear them 24/7.


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