This week for Dog Days we featured a dog with special circumstances.

This is Shay. When Shay visited us on Thursday (9/30) we learned that she was a pregnant dog who, despite the vet's guess at a due date of 2 weeks, looked like she was ready to pop.

TSM/ Chelsea Rose

To our surprise, we received a text later that day from Katie Timber informing us that Shay had decided, "We're doing this now!"

TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Shay gave birth to 6 gorgeous puppies by the next day.

TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Shay doesn't need a permanent home at this moment. Instead, what she needs is a foster home where she can relax with her new babies in a quiet and peaceful environment for 6-8 weeks.

What Does Fostering Require?

Fostering simply requires a space in your home. Food costs, medical costs...everything is covered by the SPCA of SW Michigan.

It helps the SPCA make space for more incoming animals while giving the fostered animal a break from the shelter which, despite the SPCA's incredible care, can be a little chaotic. Especially for dogs. And, especially for a dog that has just given birth.

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You get to have all of the fun, like playing and cuddles (in this case cuddles with PUPPIES), while also making the animal more socialized and, in turn, more adoptable.

If you are able to foster Shay and her 6 adorable babies for 6-8 weeks, or if you're interested in fostering any other animals, please contact the SPCA of SW Michigan at 269-344-1474 or email 

Of course, if you're looking to add a permanent new member of the household, you can see all the adoptable animals currently at the SPCA of SW Michigan here.

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