Perhaps one of the sweetest puppies we've met in a while, allow me to introduce you to Boo.

Boo is only three months old and, already, a fairly large puppy. It's unknown how big he'll get but, if we're just judging by his paws and current size at three months, it's possible that he'll be on the larger side.

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Boo, clearly, was a little shy but otherwise very open to pets and being cuddled. He's up to date on his vaccines and now just needs his forever home! As well, Boo has a few littermates that are also available for adoption.

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If you're interested, please keep in mind that the SPCA of SW Michigan always recommends a meet and greet with any other animals in the home prior to adoption. As well, if you rent, you must bring a copy of your lease stating you're allowed to have animals. If you're ready to bring Boo home, you can contact the SPCA of SW Michigan here or just stop by at 6955 W KL Ave in Kalamazoo during their normal business hours.

Foster Homes Still Needed

We talk about it every week because it's still desperately needed: fostering.

Now, if you've never fostered an animal before let me make it clear that, financially, you're not responsible for anything. The SPCA of SW Michigan takes care of food and medications as well as all other medical needs. You're simply opening up your home to give the animal a break from the shelter while simultaneously helping the SPCA make more space to help even more animals.

Dogs, cats, puppies, kittens....all of them could benefit from fostering. Find more information on fostering and volunteering, which is also a big help, at 

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