Happy Dog Days!

Every Thursday we feature a dog or cat from the SPCA of SW Michigan. Today, we met the adorable and surprisingly quiet Beagle puppy named Michelle.

Michelle may only be four months old but has experienced a lot in her short life. She's a part of the Cages to Carefree program at the SPCA which means she was taken from an adverse situation. Oftentimes, that translates to research labs.

It's unknown what exactly this puppy went through but the SPCA is dedicated to finding not just a new home for her but an exceptional one. After all Michelle and all of the other Beagles currently a part of the Cages to Carefree program deserve to be indulged after all they've been through.

Michelle was quiet, gave lots of kisses, and overall seemed very relaxed. Although, snagging a picture of her was a bit of a challenge. That being said, this may be one of my favorite series of 'failed' photos of a Dog Days guest:

This first one is on me. HOW, after all this time, did I manage to get my finger in the way?

attachment-Michelle 1

Asleep? Or over me trying to take photos?

attachment-Michelle 2

Getting closer...

attachment-Michelle 3

I just couldn't get her to look at me!

attachment-Michelle 4

This is my favorite. Dana was showing Katie a Tiktok video (no surprise there). What was surprising was how Michelle looked like she was fascinated by whatever was happening on that screen. You can also see just how small she actually is.

attachment-Michelle 6

If you're interested in adopting Michelle, one of the other Beagle puppies, or any of the Beagles currently housed under the Cages to Carefree program there's a special application you'll need to fill out. As mentioned above, they are very selective about who they allow to adopt these animals. You can find the application here.

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As of this morning, 10/21, the SPCA of SW Michigan is completely full. Meaning every single cage is filled. They're working hard on finding animals their forever homes but, until they do, here's how you can help:

  1. Volunteering. Whether it's front desk work, walking dogs, IT work...volunteers are always in need.
  2. Fostering. All medical and food expenses are covered by the SPCA of SW Michigan. The only thing they need from you is a space to temporarily house a dog or cat. This not only allows the animal to get a break from the shelter but also opens up cages for any other animals that may be surrendered.
  3. Spread the word. It's understandable that not everyone is in the position to adopt, foster, or volunteer. But, getting the word out to people who may be in that position is just as essential. If you know of anyone looking for volunteer opportunities please direct them to the SPCA of SW Michigan.

All information on volunteering, fostering, and other adoptable animals can be found here.

Dana and Chelsea in the Morning feature a new, adoptable pet from the SPCA of SW Michigan each Thursday for Dog Days at 7:35 AM. Don't miss next week to see if the featured pet is right for you!

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