Did you ever have a bad dream that really stuck with you? I had one last night. I have been blogging and talking about renovating my house on the air. It is a slow, tedious, and expensive process. We have a lot to do still and having nightmares about it is not helping!

Last night I dreamed I was at work when I get a call from the police. They asked if I was the new owner? I said yes! They asked when was the last time I was there? I said last night I was finishing the floors. They said, "Sorry to inform you, your house is gone." I said WHAT? They proceeded to tell my that my house had sunk into a sinkhole. I said no way, those are only in Florida.

It was then I woke up and had the image stuck in my head.

So have you ever had a dream that haunted you all day?

Getty Images
Getty Images

So I drove over and took a look. And where my house used to be was a big sinkhole!

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