I would love to hear a logical explanation for this one.

Scrolling through Kalamazoo's Reddit I noticed a post from u/DaboiGw that showed something rather odd with the caption, "Only in Kalamazoo"...

Yup. That's a banana that appears to have been nailed to a light post. Confused, I went to the comments hoping that someone would have some sort of explanation. While I didn't find an explanation, the comments were enough to put a smile on my face the entire time I read them. Here are some of my favorites:

blsterkenThe only banana tree north of the Mason Dixon line. We should be proud.

abbymvb1103Why did I think that the “I” was the thing out of place?? I had to come to the comments to realize it was the banana. Maybe I’ve been here for too long...

x_Carlos_Danger_xJust a city PSA about potassium intake

rachzookthis is art

DLS3141How else do you lure the banana car out of hiding?

Now, that piqued my interest. I've heard tales of this banana car making its way around Kalamazoo but, I've never spotted it myself. I'm glad to know people weren't pulling my leg.

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Another commenter, Rocket_AG, said, "You can email the owner! His name is Steve. Nice guy. The banana car is hiding because of covid, but it will be back. Bigbananacar.com."

However, judging by the Big Banana Car's Facebook page, it seems to be out and about once again.

Good to know that the Banana Car is on the move. I'll be sure to keep my eye out. But, the question remains....WHY DID SOMEONE NAIL A BANANA TO A LIGHT POST?

Perhaps the above comment from rachzook is right. Maybe this is art...?

If you happen to be passing by this is right in front of Walgreens on Riverview. By the time I found it today, 7/22, it was a little worse for wear so who knows how long it'll last. If anyone has an explanation PLEASE let me know. And keep an eye out for other seemingly random fruit attached to light posts around town.

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