Ohio has seen far more people move out of their state than move in over the last 7 straight years.

United Van Lines recently released their 44th Annual National Migration Study which tracks state to state migration patterns.  The findings for our neighbors to the South were eye opening.

In 2020 Ohio landed on the top 10 list for percentage of people moving out of the state for the 7th straight year.  In fact, the annual report show Ohio losing more people than they're gaining for many, many years in a row.  According to this study 56.1% moved out as 43.9% moved in to the Buckeye State.  Here are the top reasons why people are moving out of Ohio according to United Van Lines,

  1. Job 46.17%
  2. Family 21.86%
  3. Retirement 19.4%

The pandemic seemed to have little to no impact on the numbers as only 4.1% moved out of Ohio for health reasons.  Now we have an idea of why people are moving out of Ohio.  The question now is who is moving out of Ohio?  The study has answers for that too.

In 2020 43% of the people leaving the state made over $150,000 a year.  A little over half of the people that left Ohio were 55 years of age or older.

So, where does Michigan fair in this study?  In 2020 it was almost an even split of how many people moved to Michigan (49.8%) and the number of people that moved out of Michigan (50.2%.)  You can find migration info for the 48 continental states on the interactive map below.

If you can't see the map above click here.
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