I love candy, and there is just something so special about chocolate. According to wikipedia.com, chocolate began in Mesoamerica (a historical region, and cultural area in North America) as beverages that were sometimes fermented, which goes back to back to 450 BC. Many people in Mexico thought that cacao seeds were the gift of God of wisdom. The seeds were so special that they were used as a form of money. Hmmm. I will give you 30 Hersey bars for that goat. Really though, chocolate was first enjoyed as a drink and was served as a bitter liquid, sometimes with spices or corn puree, some even considered it an aphrodisiac.

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Interesting Fact About Chocolate

Did you know that Michigan is one of the nation’s top producers of sugar beets? So it is no secret that chocolate candies like fudge are so popular here. Chocolate makes people smile and is how I relieve stress.  Just hearing the sound it makes biting into, makes me happy. The smell of melted chocolate drives me crazy.  Many of Michigan’s chocolate shops have been around a LONG time, some have made chocolate for more than 100 years.

Best Chocolate Shops In Michigan

I can enjoy chocolate with anything, but especially with banana or peanut butter. So where do we find the best chocolate in Michigan and the Lansing area? Travelawaits.com has a few ideas. I was a big fan of Fannie May as a kid, but my favorite is See's Candy. Here are some favorites in Michigan:

  • Oh Mi Organics, St. Johns
  • Fabiano’s Candies, Lansing
  • Kilwins, Petoskey
  • Frankenmuth Fudge Kitchen, Frankenmuth
  • Gilbert Chocolates, Jackson
  • Original Murdick’s Fudge, Mackinac Island

No matter where I get it, even the grocery store, it will always be a part of my diet.

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