5 ways you can avoid getting sick when everyone around you is.

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According to Fox News, here are 5 ways to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season:

1.  This seems like common sense but, WASH YOUR HANDS and more often than you normally would.  This is the most important thing to remember while trying to stay healthy.  Hand sanitizer works also if you can get up to wash your hands.

The goal is to kill any germs you touch before they make their way to your mucous membranes—eyes and nose—where they can set up shop and make you ill. - Romney M. Humphries, Ph.D.

2. No touching your face.  It's hard to remind yourself not to rub your eyes or nose, but germs have quicker access and attack your system.

3.  Be like Dana and I and obsessively clean your work space.  Use disinfecting wipes on your keyboard, mouse and desk. 

“This will help prevent the buildup of germs and reduce the chances of you getting exposed,” - Humphries

4.  Get more sleep.  Getting more sleep strengthens your immune system.

"When you don’t prioritize sleep and push yourself too hard, your body is less prepared to fight back against bacteria and viruses, and you get sick more easily. If you’re a restless sleeper or have trouble winding down at night, Lyon suggests practicing deep-breathing meditation." - Fox News

5.  Get vaccinated.  There has been some controversy surrounding vaccinations this year but according to Doctor Humphreys, it's the best way to get your body ready to fight illness:

“Flu vaccines cause your body to make antibodies against the flu. It’s important to get vaccinated annually, because the flu viruses change a lot year-to-year, and last year’s vaccine will not protect you.”


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