When the forecast is a rain and snowy mix, what can you do to have fun on a snow day?

When I think of a "snow day", I think of kids building snowmen (and snowwomen), sledding, and just having a blast outside. Yet, that is not what is in store for this snow day. Outside it is rainy, cold and the worst, icy. Bone chilling as some like to say, so what is a kid to do when they can't go to school and playing outside would be dangerous?

Here are a few old school fun ideas...

  1. Go old-school and build forts by draping blankets over tables and chairs.
  2. Teach your child a game they don't know. A game like Chinese Checkers or Hearts
  3. Fashion show. Sort through your kid's spring/summer wardrobe to assess what items you'll need to buy before warm weather hits.
  4. Play the "would you rather" game. Example: "Would you rather live at Cinderella's castle for a week or eat cupcakes for breakfast for a month?"
  5. Turn on music and start singing and dancing: get some energy out as you bust a move!

Whatever you decide o do, just enjoy your day!

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