I can't believe it's still technically winter and yet we are talking about possible tornado weather today in Michigan. Obviously we must all be prepared for the inevitable approach of spring and the tornadoes that could potentially come with it. As much as I love stormy weather, it's always good to be prepared for the event that a twister touches down in the Kalamazoo area, even if it is in winter.

We all know the story of the famous 1980 tornado that swept through Kalamazoo which registered as an F3 and caused more that $50,00,000 in damage. The story itself was chronicled on YouTube in the video below. You can see well known buildings as they were after the tornado rampaged and damaged the city from the storm. So here are some helpful reminders to avoid getting hurt if a tornado does happen to hit. I definitely don't suggest attempting any of the "DON'TS" on this list:

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