As adults we all know the right thing to do, and we try to teach our kids the right things. Yet, sometimes we break our own rules.

This morning we asked the question, "What do you do that you would NEVER let your kids do?"

Heather McGregor from WKFR - "I eat ice cream for dinner".

Tess Taylor from WKFR - "I stay up past my bedtime to play video games."

David from Mattawan - "I cheat at the card game 'Uno'."

Kadria from Kalamazoo - "I go to a restaurant and order desert first."

Jessica from Gobles - "I have a potty mouth and I never let my kids swear."

Tony from Battle Creek - "I bite my nails."

Mindy from Kalamazoo - "I screen phone calls from my Mom."


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