Kalamazoo residents are wondering what's happening at the Michigan-based grocer's location on Westnedge Ave. after noticing several changes. If you've driven past the store lately or have even done shopping there yourself, you'll have noticed a large amount of shipping containers out in the parking lot. Shoppers are wondering what all the fuss is about!

In a local Reddit thread, user u/Enigmutt said they counted 38 shipping containers on January 31st and by the following Friday even more had been added. The 38+ shipping containers are taking up a large section of the parking lot, what could be the reasoning behind this?

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The general consensus points to a store remodel; not only at the Westnedge location but the Meijer on Gull Road as well. Here's what several other Reddit users had to say:


"Per a Westnedge Meijer employee, the whole store is being torn down and rebuilt, one section at a time, starting next week."

 u/RancidMeatNugget seemed to have some more insight adding,

"Yep, $40 Million "Legacy" remodel, according to a team leader there. Some highlights include, removing the outdoor garden center completely to add multiple drive-thru pharmacy lanes, expanding the grocery section to two aisle runs with a break in between(current setup is one aisle run), a new entrance on the north (grocery) end, and a whole lot of foundation repair."

 As for the shipping containers, u/Darkesong said,

"Meijer on Gull is the same. I know they are renovating the Gull Rd one. My best guess is the containers are being used for extra storage."
All signs point to remodel! Though construction can be a bit hectic and inconvenient, it sounds like the stores will look fantastic in the end. Just take the recently updated Meijer on West Main for example.
Have you noticed any other area Meijer stores in the process of upgrading?

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