This West Michigan gay couple just wanted a barn-type setting for their big day when they were turned away.

Estefanie Echevarria and Aubrey VandenBosch got engaged on October 20th, according to,

VandenBosch said she was ecstatic and began planning the wedding immediately, emailing Post Family Farm.

“That was the first place that I openly said, ‘We are two women and we respect everyone’s beliefs and we want everyone to be comfortable.’ And they send back a reply of basically, ‘We don’t support same-sex marriage and we think you should find someplace else.’ Everything they could to not say no,” VandenBosch said. Oh, it hurt, it stung.”

The Post Family Farm near Hudsonville explained to that they are not turning them away, they are simply not willing to offer the same services as they would a straight couple.  Click here to read their full statement.

Do you think this young gay couple should be able to have the same wedding as a young straight couple or is ok for The Post Family Farm to refuse to give them the same services due to their orientation?  Let us know in the comments below.



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