Not one but TWO women from Michigan are advancing on The Voice after crushing their blind auditions.

First, there's Zania Alake. She's a Detroit area single mother whose blind audition caused John Legend to smash that button and turn his chair around in about 20 seconds. Here's her performance of Anita Baker's "Sweet Love".

Incredible. While she's been working as a banker for the past 10 years, according to, what she really loves to do is sing. On the show she said,

My mother would put on kitchen concerts. My mom is an inspiration to me. Even after I had my kids, she’s always there for me. She’s always been encouraging no matter what. That’s helped me become a better person and a better artist.

While Kelly Clarkson also turned her chair around to offer Zania a spot on her team, she decided to join John Legend's team instead. With his musical knowledge and Neo Soul feel, I believe he'll be able to turn Ms. Zania Alake into an incredible performer.

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Secondly, we have Rachel Mac, a 15 year old from Romeo in Metro Detroit. Mac chose Patty Griffin's "Let Him Fly". Once again, within 30 seconds a chair had already spun around. This time, it was Nick Jonas.

Even with a raspy, matured voice (for her 15 year old self) Nick Jonas was the only coach to turn around but, with his coaching and experience, Mac could have a real chance.

When asked about her inspiration, Mac said it was all about her dad. On the show she said,

My dad is how I started getting into music. My parents got divorced when I was 4. My relationship with my mom is great, but my dad raised three girls. In 5th grade, my dad got re-married. They were married for about two years and one day we came home and the house was completely empty. She took everything and left. I love my dad and it wasn’t easy to see him get hurt like that.

According to, Rachel Mac is also involved in theater and marching band which certainly could be what helped give her the edge to beat out the competition.

Two incredibly talented women, both from Michigan, will now head to the Battle Rounds. We wish them the best of luck!

But wait! There's more...

Is there something in the water in Michigan? There seems to be SO many talented people making the cut on national shows, like The Voice, who hail from Michigan.

Just last week, this man from Rockford joined Nick Jonas' team:

This Grand Rapids man who made it onto The Voice last year:

And, just this morning, I was made aware of Genavieve Linkowski of Goodrich who advanced to the 2nd round on American Idol a few years ago. Amazing!

Recently, I had someone ask me what I thought was the most surprising thing about Michigan is...and I have to say...its THIS. This incredible pool of talent residing in The Mitten has blown me away.

Join me in cheering on our fellow Michiganders as they compete on this season of The Voice!

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