Technically the answer to this is...yes. They were unidentified flying objects for a moment. But, were they aliens? Let's find out!

Browsing Reddit, I came across this video (shown below) out of Chicago from user TODesigner who, apparently, spotted some suspicious lights "hovering" over Lake Michigan. Take a look:

Now, I don't know whether or not aliens exist but I'm always curious. My first thought after watching this was, "it looks like her interior lights are reflecting off of her window". However, the answer is much simpler.

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A few of the comments were just as curious as the original poster but they quickly turned to the actual answer. No, unfortunately, this user did not catch UFO's casually chillin' over Lake Michigan. They're actually airplanes. BOOORING!

Reddit user TheGr8Revealing commented: I've lived in downtown Chicago for 10 years and I want to believe, but these are airplanes. They line up over the lake to land at Ohare. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen these line ups and nearly lost my cool just to have a fleet of passenger planes pass by as soon as you can no longer see the landing lights.

Sure enough, the very next day a fellow Reddit user, ufoofinterest, posted this very detailed video explaining the exact correlation between those hovering lights and incoming flights. They went all out:

While my concerns would have matched the original poster's about these mysterious lights, it looks like that we are, once again, without evidence that aliens actually exist. At least as far as we know. *insert the X-Files theme here*

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