What would you do to get someone to listen to your song?

Canadian Luke Heney, has dreamed of promoting his band "1988" in the most spectacular way he could think up...and he nailed it. Luke climbed up the Canadian side of the Ambassador Bridge and hung around up there for 3 hours. Believe it or not, he went unnoticed until he climbed back down. Well at the tippy top of the bridge next to the logo, he hung a sign pushing his bands latest song.

In an Instagram video Luke stated...

Three months ago I wanted to do the craziest release that I've ever seen any band do, and this was it.

Once on the ground, The Detroit Free Press reported that Luke was brought up on a number of charges...

It wasn't until Heney was nearly 100 feet from the bottom that a construction worker noticed and called the police. Heney was later charged with public mischief and is free with a promise to appear in court. He is also prohibited from the bridge.

At least Luke can use the tunnel, of course I am wondering what stunt he will think of for that one!

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