It's amazing how much zoom meetings have really taken over our lives since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Who would have thought this time last year we'd be virtually interacting with each other on a regular basis? Well we have to be innovative during this time, including Santa. For the first time ever, you can now have a virtual chat or book reading from Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus directly from the North Pole. Crossroads Mall is hosting the event made possible by Jingle Ring.

There are three options for kids in groups up to 4 for this unique holiday. experience. You also have the option of having a live stream with a Black Santa and Mrs. Claus as well, while also providing services to children of special needs or in need of sign language:

  • Visit with Santa
    Live from the North’s Santa Claus! Enjoy exciting pre-session entertainment and a live virtual visit with Santa. For extra holiday fun, add storytime with Santa or Mrs. Claus to your session. Invite up to four guests for this experience.
  • Storytime with The Clauses
    Shhhhh, it’s storytime! Choose a session with either Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus and gather around as they read you a story. Choose from a selection of stories and invite up to four guests to join.
  • Pre-Recorded Personalized Santa Video
    Bring Santa and his magical world straight into your home! Receive a pre-recorded message from St. Nick that’s personalized just for you. Santa will record a video message to your kids based on information you provide in your family profile during your booking. Watch your children stare in amazement as they watch their very own video from Santa.
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