You can now pay $20 to shoot a Nerf basketball into a small Nerf basketball rim for a chance to win a free pair of brand-new shoes. The shot must be taken from the hallway outside of the BillPlay Apparel store in the Crossroads Mall.

They have a Nerf basketball rim hanging in the back of their store and if you sink a basket, you get to pick any shoe with a value up to $250 or a $250 store credit that can be used right away.

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"BillPlays Keep The Bills Paid"

BillPlay Apparel is an urban streetwear company that's based out of Kalamazoo that started as the slogan "Bill plays keep the bills paid" before turning into the storefront apparel company we know now.

Billplay is always stocked with the newest drops in the fashion world, from their own designs they've made to popular designs they have vendor deals with. They have a plethora of clothing options to choose from tracksuits to hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, socks and so many other garments to choose from. Most of their options are fitted with their personal branding and are an opportunity to support and rock the mech of a local company.

Shoe Shrine

They have an extensive shoe collection to offer the public as well, they aren't just getting new releases as they come out but they also have a few retro shoes available for those collectors who may be searching for a shoe they couldn't get their hands on during the release.

From the newest release of Nike Dunks to Retro Jordans, even Nike Foamposites are on the shelves at their store. Why deal with winning a raffle and trying to beat out resale bots when you could just walk into the Crossroads Mall and grab them off the shelf?

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