Could these Indianapolis teens face felony charges after this viral video?

The latest viral video trend has people spitting in drinks in stores and putting them back.  This upsetting trend has now made it's way to Indiana.  It's more than's illegal.

According to,

Brittney Edwards posted the video to her Facebook page after she said a girl her daughter follows on Instagram posted it. Edwards said her daughter goes to school with one of the girls in the video.

The video has been shared more than 50 times and viewed by more than 2,000. Dozens of people have commented on it. Some call it disturbing, even stomach-turning.

You can see the video for yourself from the WTHR youtube page below.


This is gross but is it illegal?  Actually, yes it is.  Indianapolis Metro Police say this is consumer product tampering with is a level 6 felony in the state of Indiana.

There's no word on if the two teens in the video have been charged.

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