This time of the year, social media becomes flooded with people in relationships spewing their love for one another all over the place. It's also a time for salty, unhappy single people posting passive memes about how single they are. Then there are those who recognize what the holiday is all about. Love.

That love doesn't have to come in the form of roses, kisses, chocolate, saying "I love you" and just plain being in love. Sometimes just showing that you have love can make a big difference to someone who is actually suffering and hurting.

Right now you can send a personalized Valentine's Day card to a sick child at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan. Patients will even be able to bring their valentine to life with a custom augmented reality experience using any mobile device. Their website says patients and families can use the free SpellBound app with their mobile devices to turn their Valentines into 3D, interactive experiences.

The best part about all of this is that it's free and takes a moment of your time. I already sent one and encourage everyone reading this to send a valentine to a child who is fighting right now. Take some time to spread some positivity this Valentine's Day. If you're single, this will make someone's day and you'll be the reason they smile and feel loved. It doesn't have to be all bad.



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