You know it's bad when there are no prices on the menu!

I'm a big fan of #TreatYoSelf, a movement made popular by the show Parks and Recreation. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or it's just because, where can you find the most expensive meal in Michigan?

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When I think of fancy fine dining I think of dark old steakhouses with plenty of weird seafood hors d'oeuvres and martinis on the menu and I'm not too far off!

When it comes to the "Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants" in Michigan they're all pretty much steakhouses and they're all pretty much located in the greater Detroit-area, no surprise there.

Towards the top of each list you'll probably find The Rattlesnake Club and/or Prime + Proper but which one takes the cake, or, chop in this case?

I'm going with the one that doesn't list a price on its menu.

Prime + Proper Detroit
Prime + Proper Detroit via Google Maps

Most Expensive Restaurant in Michigan: Prime + Proper

Located in the Capitol Park center of downtown Detroit, Prime + Proper offers the all the ambiance you'd expect from Michigan's most expensive restaurant: hip Art Deco design, impressive wine lofts, and plenty of dark tucked away booths so you can get cozy with your significant other.

Of Michigan's most expensive restaurant food and lifestyle publication Love Food says,

This swanky, modern spot has suitably swanky prices, with a wagyu strip steak costing a hefty $95 for 4oz. Slightly more affordable is the porterhouse, $149 but big enough to share, and the dry-aged duck a l’orange, $59. These are quality ingredients impeccably prepared, so nothing is cheap, but there’s a variety of wood-fired meats, raw bar specialties, burgers, and seafood to suit slightly smaller budgets too.

My mouth is watering but my wallet is crying!

Michigan's Most Expensive Restaurant

Gallery Credit: Prime + Proper Detroit Facebook

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