The world's largest international border has the craziest man-made slash that skips Michigan.

You may already know that the world's longest international border is the one that separates the United States of America from its Northern neighbor Canada.  The length is astounding according to,

It stretches 5,525 miles from Maine to Alaska, traversing land, sea, and untouched wilderness.

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But, did you know about the crazy man-made border of deforestation that was made to keep us honest?  It's affectionately called "the slash."  According to a TikTok from @_amazingworld__, a group of workers got busy cutting down a 20-foot-wide section of forest along nearly the entire 5,525 miles of the U.S.-Canada border.  That way, if you're out walking your dog in Northern Minnesota, you can't claim that you accidentally walked into Canada due to the large physical mark left by deforestation.  This project costs around $1.4 million a year to maintain.

Earlier I mentioned that "nearly the entire 5,525 miles of the U.S.-Canada border" has a 20-foot wide divide.  That's because Michigan was completely skipped.  There is no part of Michigan's upper or lower peninsula that physically touches Canada without a bridge.  Michigan borders Canada with nothing but water.  You're welcome Mother Nature.

Even though they don't want you accidentally wandering into the polite country of Canada.  It may be the "easiest" country to visit from the United States.  However, there is a small list of offenses that can keep you out of Canada for good.

15 Offenses That Can Keep Michiganders from Entering Canada

There are a lot more charges than you think that could keep you from getting across the Michigan border in Canada. 

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