Alright...are y'all just lying or what? I've been in Michigan since the beginning of September. I've stocked up on winter coats and boots, litter for my car, snow shovels and the like for...what? Where's the endless snow everyone yelled at me about when I first moved here?

Before you start cursing my name, yes I'm mostly joking. Although, I am surprised by the lack of snow considering what I was warned to expect. And apparently, that's not changing this week.

According to, the unusual lack of snow will continue for the next 10 days. A storm track is heading south and east of us meaning that the next two expected storms will impact the Mid Atlantic and Southeast regions. In fact, according to the forecast, the entire state of Michigan will likely not even have two inches of snowfall. At least this week. That's wild.

I'm no meteorologist but back in Florida, when we'd have a year of no hurricanes we would expect the worst for the next season. I don't know if the same kind of luck is applied to winter weather in Michigan, but don't worry. I'm not putting away my snow boots just yet. In fact, I'm grateful to be eased into the harshness of winter instead of having to dive in head first.

Want to take advantage of the lack of snow? Here are some ideas for the next 10 days:

  • Finish that outdoor project
  • Take down your holiday lights (if you're ready)
  • Go for a nature walk
  • Celebrate not having to brush off your car or shovel your driveway for at least a week

Now, we are expected freezing rain on some days, including today, so please continue to drive with caution despite the lack of white stuff everywhere. White stuff. That's what scientists call snow, right? 😆

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