Amy Schumer started her VERY funny show with a VERY awkward moment that only Kalamazoo could understand.

Amy Schumer - Wings Event Center
TSM: Dana Marshall

Amy Schumer started the show off with local jokes like..."if you can make it in Kalamazoo, you can make it in Climax."  Someone told her that Skyzone would be a funny local landmark to keep revisiting.  You can't win them all.

Someone near the front row held up a sign offering Amy a ride in the Banana Car.  That got LOTS of laughs.  Amy riffed on the Kalamazoo famous Banana Car for quite a while.

Amy Schumer - Wings
TSM: Tess Taylor

There were moments that she had all of us at the Wings Event Center in the palm of her hand.  Her self depreciating sense of humor is unmatched right now in comedy.  She couldn't have expected an innocent joke about Uber would suck the oxygen out of the stadium.

The crowd got uncomfortably silent after the Uber reference.  She asked "do you have Uber here in Kalamazoo?"  The crowd groaned.  When she asked a guy in the front row what happened he responded, "it's a sensitive subject, I don't want to talk about it."  She quickly realized it was serious and explained, "I do this at every show.  I have a feeling I'm going to find out what happened later and I'll come back and apologize to the Kalamazoo Mayor."

She actually ended her show with a rant about how we shouldn't let people with a history of mental problems, blind people or people on the terrorist watch list legally buy guns.  I'm pretty sure that if she would've had ANY idea at all about the Kalamazoo shootings she wouldn't have touched that subject.

She recovered well and continued to slay the crowd.  It was well worth sitting in traffic for an hour trying to leave the parking lot.

Amy Schumer Traffic
TSM: Tess Taylor

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