Why did the 8,000 chickens cross the road?  Well, they had no choice.

Ironically the semi-truck transporting chickens rolled over on Pigeon Run Bridge on US 30 in Brewster, Ohio according to indeonline.com,

the man said he fell asleep and when he awoke the truck was veering off the roadway and into the guardrail and embankment.

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After the accident the traffic was for the birds as US 30 was completely shutdown for several hours.  Aside from my foul humor there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that the driver had only minor injuries and no other humans were injured in the wreck.  The bad news?  Some of the chickens didn't make it out so well.  An "unknown" number of chickens perished in the wreck.

The people of Brewster, OH are very egg-cited that the highway has since reopened.

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