A continuing police investigation is messing up traffic Thursday afternoon on Shaver Road, in Portage. This after a semi truck collided with a train at Shaver Road and Vanderbilt St.

Both Fire and Police Divisions responded to a semi versus train crash on Shaver near Vanderbilt. A semi was struck while crossing a private driveway. There were no injuries. The NB lane of Shaver will be shifted into the center lane until the investigation is complete. - Portage Police and Fire Department Facebook page.

The department added in the comments section:

An important reminder: The average freight train can weigh anywhere from 3,000- 18,000 TONS and will usually require a mile or more to completely stop.
Stay safe, stay attentive, stay alive!

Circumstances that led to the collision have not been made public, but nothing has been mentioned about any injuries.

This is second accident that the Portage Police have posted this week on their Facebook page, with the slippery driving condition getting a big reaction to footage taken on I-94 on Tuesday.






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