When driving in winter you know that things can change in the blink of an eye. Check out this video of a near tragic accident that happened on an icy I-94 in Portage earlier today (3/5/19).

Portage Police happened to be cruising on I-94 westbound between Westnedge and Oakland and captured video of a truck that spun out. The truck twists on to the shoulder and then back into the middle of three lanes of traffic only to be narrowly missed by a semi driver.

Portage police credit the quick thinking and actions of the semi driver, who miraculously avoided the pick-up.

Serious injury and fatal accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. The video below was taken from a PDPS officer's MVR (Mobile Video Recorder) just yesterday morning. The officer had just finished clearing a separate accident on westbound 94 when this occured. If not for the split-second evasive maneuver taken by the semi-truck driver, this would have undoubtedly been a much more serious incident (the driver suffered only minor injuries). SLOW DOWN and exercise extreme caution when driving in inclement weather!

The video cannot be embedded, so watch it on Facebook here.

The video reminds us of another near-miss that happened near Portage when a bicyclist crosses US 131 near where Shaver Road and U Ave intersect. To this day, we don't know how this wasn't a tragedy - watch the video if you don't remember the incident here.

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