Police got a little salty during a low-speed chase on the Northeast side of Cincinnati Thursday.

A Reading, Ohio police officer was in the middle of a traffic stop just before Midnight last Thursday night when he saw a City of Cincinnati salt truck heading toward him.  The officer's affidavit obtained by WLWT.com said that they could hear the large salt truck accelerating as it got closer to their police cruiser,

The truck could still be heard accelerating. I had to jump back to avoid being struck by the truck in question...

The officers were then pelted by salt as they were attempting to take a person into custody from their traffic stop.  That's when the low-speed pursuit began.  Just like any story, there are two sides.  The police say, in addition to the salt truck accelerating at coming just feet from hitting them during a traffic stop, the City of Cincinnati employee also raised his truck bed to dump more salt on the cruiser.

Omar Armstrong, the 36-year-old salt truck driver claims he didn't even know that police were behind him.  His attorney stated in court that he didn't know that anything was wrong until someone called him on his cell phone.  The fact that it was a low-speed chase and the driver was literally following his route does back that up.

Armstrong is now being held at the Hamilton County Jail on many charges which include reckless operation of a motor vehicle and failure to comply with officers.  The suspect was not charged with a-salt.  See what I did there?

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