It's something we all fear about amusement rides, and for the most part has remained a myth. But the fear of something going terribly wrong on an amusement ride turned into a terrifying reality for a small group of people who were attending the Traverse City Cherry Festival, which began July 3rd and wraps up on the 10th. On one of the rides that seats horizontally and swings riders counter and clock-wise, the base of the ride became unstable, at one point lifting off the ground. People were actually able to capture videos of the ride as it began to shake: WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS LIGHT LANGUAGE NSFW

@reeceodonnell6Never going on one of these rides again. ##fyp##sketch##foryoupage##foryou♬ original sound - Reece O'Donnell

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Andrea Anderson commented in one of the Traverse City groups about how she was nearly a victim of this ride's scary stability with her young daughter:

I begged my 7 year old daughter to get on this ride with me for over an hour. When I got on, I couldn’t enjoy the ride because of how loud the noises coming from it were. I felt like something wasn’t right the entire time. This is terrifying. I’m so glad everyone is safe. We wait an hour for them to repair the Ferris wheel to also hear so unsettling noise.
Another festival goer said this wasn't even the first time during the festival this ride had broken:
This ride broke on the 4th in the middle of the day and I knew from then something was up. Doesn’t surprise me bc it seemed like homeboy running the ride didn’t even know what he was doing
This ride apparently doesn't have an emergency off switch, so when the trouble began, apparently the ride operator unplugged it as you can see when the lights all go out on it. Nobody was injured in the incident.

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