Monday evening a frightening moment unfolded in a tiny Ohio town that was caught on video by many people.

It was just before 7 P.M. last Monday evening when a semi-truck somehow got stuck on the railroad crossing on West Sycamore Street in the small town of Columbus Grove, Ohio.  Exactly how the truck driver got stuck on the tracks is unclear.  However, received this info from the Putnam Sheriff's Office,

Police say initial indications are the truck's driver had trouble maneuvering around the crossbucks and couldn't get out of the path of the train.

Whatever the reason, we are happy to report that somehow nobody was injuring in this shocking accident involving a freight train and semi truck.  Another thing about this incident that seems a bit unusual is the number of videos circulating on social media.  You can literally see every angle of this accident thanks to people pulling out their smart phones.

In the first video below you can see the semi pull forward just before the collision.  It looks like he might make it out in time.  Then you hear the train lay on the horn followed by a huge crash.  The train drags the trailer hundreds of feet along with one of the giant crossing guard structures.

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In the second video below you can see the crash from the other side of the tracks.  Caution: explicit language.

Caution: lots of f-bombs in the next video.


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