It's something we've all had to do at one point or another. Millions of people log onto Facebook everyday, and everyday people lose more and more followers. The reasons can vary from politics to religion but one thing is clear, people are choosing the wrong platform to push their beliefs on one another. I remember when Facebook used to be simple and was used as a tool to communicate and make plans with friends. Now you've got a site full of people wanting to start internet arguments.

I personally will unfollow anyone who beams with ignorance. I can't tolerate those who don't have the issues that others on their mind and view those problems as their own, as we are all one species and one planet (I know, I'm a hippy).

But I wanted to see what Kalamazoo thought of this and why they unfollow or sometimes unfriend people on Facebook and this is what I found:

It definitely shows that people can get a little too preachy on the internet. I think the important thing is to always be open to new ideas and thoughts, rather than risking losing friends over stubborn beliefs. Either way, it's Facebook, so let's have fun with it because that's what it's supposed to be here for.



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