An Ohio man who cheated Taylor Swift fans out of thousands of dollars with fake tickets is now facing charges.

A 49-year-old man from Lewis Center, Ohio named Billy Nelson has been accused of felony theft after allegedly cheating at least one person out of $1,200 for fake Taylor Swift concert tickets.  The suspect claims he is innocent of the charges.  However, Detective Brian Shirk of the Independence, Ohio police department shared some of the evidence against the suspect with Fox 8,

He was the one utilizing someone else’s Facebook account, posting the for sale link. He was the one we believe chatting with the victim through the Facebook messenger app and who ultimately, we were able to prove, accepted the money through accounts he owns.

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Ohio man busted for selling fake Taylor Swift concert tickets
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The detective goes on to say that they are aware that this Taylor Swift ticket scam is an ongoing problem.  Law enforcement has not released how many others they believe may have also been scammed by this suspect.  Mason McCarthy, the Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, believes that there are more victims of this specific scam in the area.  The suspect has entered a not-guilty plea.

This is not just a local problem, but a global problem.  There were almost 300 Taylor Swift concert ticket scams reported in Australia alone and 114 in New South Wales.  There's no solid number on how many ticket scams have been reported so far in the U.S.  If you are a victim of a similar scam contact your local police immediately.

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