Looking for the best places to get WiFi in Kalamazoo that are safe and best of all FREE! Check out the top 5 here. 

In search for the best places to get WiFi can lead you into some troubling places. Standing in the road is not a good place to pick up on a hot spot. So where can you go? well, let's count down the top 5.

Number 5

Airway lanes, Portage Rd. Not only great for WiFi, it's a great place to make new friends in the arcade or bowling lanes.

Number 4

Kalamazoo Public Library,  read a book, watch Netflix or take a nap.

Number 3

The Water Street Coffee Joint, Great coffee, great muffins and great WiFi.

Number 2

Panera Bread, Post a Picture of your lunch to Instagram.

Number 1

Any of the Kalamazoo McDonalds, And some of them still have playlands so your kids won't bother you as you catch up on Facebook.

Did we miss one that should be in  the top 5? let us know in the comments.

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