Here are the 13 stories that mattered the most to Southwest Michigan in 2019.

After getting over 8 million pageviews and 3.8 million unique local pageviews on the 103.3 KFR app and at we have compiled the 13 most viewed stories.  The top 13 below is sorted by most unique views using Google Anallytics.  "Unique Pageviews is the number of sessions during which the specified page was viewed at least once."

Let's take a look back at 2019 and the 13 local stories that mattered to Southwest Michigan the most in 2019.

#13.  Mac & Cheese Festival Coming To Kalamazoo
Over 24,000 of you read this story from Mark Frankhouse about the Mac & Cheese Festival coming to Homer Stryker Field.  Click here to check out the full story.


#12.  WMU Ranked #1 As A 'Hidden Gem' University
Just under 25,000 of you read this story from Heather McGregor about Western Michigan University ranking #1 by the College Gazette as best hidden gem university.  Click here to read the full story.


#11.  Is Crossroads Mall Really Closing Or Is It Just A Rumor
25,000 people in Southwest Michigan were curious about the never ending rumors of Crossroads Mall closing.  Get the full story from Dana Marshall by clicking here.


#10.  Chef Gordon Ramsay Looking For Young Michigan Chefs For Show
Mark Frankhouse got everyone's attention when a reality show stopped in Michigan with over 26,000 views.  Click here for the whole story.


#9.  Vote For Your Favorite Southwest Michigan Mascot 2019
Dana Marshall learned that mascots matter after over 27,000 people looked at this story.  Click here to see where your high school mascot landed.


#8.  Vote For The Best Pizza Place In Southwest Michigan - 2019
This just in, the Kalamazoo area loves pizza as 28,000 of you read this story from Dana MarshallClick here to see if your favorite pizza place made the top 10.


#7.  Poisonous Caterpillars Have Been Found In Michigan
Heather McGregor have 30,000 people the creeps with this caterpillar story.  Find out why by clicking here.


#6.  Bodies Revealed Opens Next Weekend In Grand Rapids
Over 38,000 of you were interested in Mark Frankhouse's story about the Bodies Revealed exhibition.  Click here to check out that story.


#5.  Vote For The Best Hairstylist In The Kalamazoo Area
People are VERY loyal to their hairstylists.  That maybe why Dana Marshall 'Best Hairstylist" poll received 43,000 unique pageviews.  Did you hair person make the top 10 list?  Find out by clicking here.


#4.  Whose Line Is It Anyway? Live Show Coming To Michigan
Almost 49,000 people read the story written by Mark Frankhouse about this popular TV show coming to Royal Oak, MI.  Click here to see that story.


#3.  Was Bigfoot Spotted In Kalamazoo This Morning?
With just over 49,000 local unique views this hilarious big foot sighting story by Mark Frankhouse grabbed the imaginations of all of us.  Read that story by clicking here.


#2.  Michigan Has A Haunted Psychiatric Hospital And Is Calling You
A whopping 110,000 individuals got in the Halloween spirit by reading this story from Heather McGregorClick here to check it out.


#1.  Vote For Your Favorite High School Marching Band in S.W. Michigan
Southwest Michigan came out in droves to show their high school spirit and vote in this poll by Dana Marshall to help it grab the #1 spot for 2019 with 127,000 local unique views.  Click here to see if your high school marching band made the top 10.



What story matter the most to you in 2019?  What's the most memorable moment from this year?  Let us know in the comments.


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