Jewelry, flowers and chocolate are great Valentines Day gifts for your beloved, but here is what you don't want to buy her.

1. Edible Underwear

That is NEVER an acceptable gift; it's not cute and certainly not "tasteful".

2. A Gym Membership

Even if your lady enjoys working out, it's not a good gift. No girl wants to think for a second that her man thinks she needs to work on a few things. In other words, save that gift for another day.

3. A Stuffed Animal

We are not 12 years old...nuff said.

4. A Pet

A pet is something that is a lot of work and cost. Vet bills, food, toys and time; if a person is not ready for that responsibility, it's not good for any of the parties involved.

5. A Wrinkle Reducing Pillow

Same train of thought as the gym membership. No girl wants any flaws exposed on Valentines Day by her sweetie.

6. Porn

Really? Do I have to explain why that is a bad gift....

7. A DVD Of A Lite Fireplace

There is nothing romantic about setting in front of the TV watching a fake fire. Rent a movie, or just spend time talking, but dump the fake fire.

8. Fake Flowers

I promise that a gal will love a single inexpensive flower over a bouquet of fake flowers (and no, just because they will last forever is not a good reason to buy them for your lady).

9. Dinner At A Fast Food Restaurant

A girl will think you a hero if you go to the grocery store, purchase something simple and cook it over fast food (guys you know I am right on this one).

10. Sugar-free Or Reduced Fat Chocolates

It's Valentines Day, bring on the sweets!


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