Police are suspicious about an 18-year-old's story about how he was shot last Wednesday evening in Ann Arbor.

This story begins in Toledo, Ohio on Wednesday, January 12th.  That's when an 18-year-old Toldeo man was picked up by a Michigan woman he met on Tinder.  He told police that his Tinder date drove him to Ann Arbor where he was robbed at gunpoint and then shot in the leg.

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The good news:

The gunshot wound was not life-threatening.

The bad news:

The victim is no longer cooperating with the police.

Since the young victim is no longer talking to the police, law enforcement is left to wonder if his account of what happened is truthful according to Mlive,


Investigators have been unable to identify the exact location of the shooting and have doubts about the man’s recollection of events as he has not been fully cooperative in the investigation.

My first thought is, "why would anyone make up a story like that?"  Then I remembered being 18-years-old.  Lots of dumb things came out of my mouth at that age.  However, getting shot in the leg is serious.  Not to mention, this type of dating app ambush is not unusual.  What is unusual about it, is that she was driving.  The dating app scams look for gullible guys with money.  Do you know who is NOT a major target of dating scams like this?  An 18-year-old that doesn't have his own car.

Whether the victim is cooperating with the police or not, the investigation continues.  If you have any information on this Tinder terrorism, please call the Ann Arbor Police at 734-794-6939 or email tips@a2gov.org.

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