I've seen vending machines for books, facial cleansers, ponchos, cupcakes...in Japan there's even one that dispenses puppies! But cars? That's new to me.

According to MLive.com, Michigan is about to have it's very first car vending machine thanks to Carvana. Located in Novi, Michigan this tower sits at the Adell Center of I-96 and I doubt you'll miss it. It's 8 stories tall and large enough to house 27 vehicles.

Carvana is a used car company that operates completely online. Ernie Garcia, founder and CEO of Carvana spoke with Mlive.com saying,

When we debuted “New Way To Buy A Car” in Detroit in 2017, we were proud to become a part of a community known for its automotive innovation. That was a big moment for us. At the time we didn’t know how big. Three years later, we’re continuing to contribute innovations to the Motor City with our signature Car Vending Machine.

But how does the vending machine work? There are no employees and no sales men or women there to help you make your selection. On Facebook, Tristan wrote,

Just bring $30,000 worth of quarters and hope the car you want doesn't get stuck. It really sucks when the next person gets two cars for the price of one!

While that's a hilarious visual, the process is much simpler. If a Carvana customer chooses to pick up their newly purchased vehicle instead of having it delivered to their home they'll need to make an appointment to visit the vending machine. They'll also be given a single, oversized coin. Once they arrive they'll simply insert that coin into the slot, sit back, and watch their car descend. Unlike normal vending machines, customers have the option to return their vehicle for one week if they aren't satisfied.

It does seem wildly convenient to be able to skip the often lengthy process of buying a car in person especially now with social distancing. Personally, I have to drive a car to make sure it has the right "feel" but if you're okay with online shopping the Carvana vending machine is now open. You can find more details here.

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