I have family all over the country and they all originally grew up in Michigan. The same goes for friends I went to high school with. That sadly is the essence of being an adult: growing up and having to leave the nest in order to achieve your dreams.

During this time of the year, I'm always looking for cool Michigan themed gifts that would make for nice forget-me-nots.  One company called "Homesick" is trying to bring a little piece of home to anyone who may be missing it this holiday.  One of their featured products are candles scented like your home state and the Michigan one is pretty sweet:

Photo: Homesick Candles
Photo: HomesickCandles.com


The description on their website for the Michigan candle reads:

The scent of tart cherries and rich chocolate immediately take us back to the Great Lakes State. Recall the summer months with a bouquet of honeysuckle and rose, balanced with cinnamon and a sandalwood finish.

That's a pretty spot on description of how the state smells. What kind of smell do you think Kalamazoo would have? You would totally have to have some kind of "hoppy" smell to it. Maybe one day we can have own candle. Until then, we'll just have to stick to this one.

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