Yesterday was my friend Whitney's Son's 4th birthday and we all headed over to her place in Kalamazoo. I came there early so I could help set up and bring some pop, ice, and cups and to keep her son Creed company while she got ready. Once the party started everyone was having a good time. Whitney's sister Chelsea and her fiance Matt stepped outside and notice something hanging from someone's apartment deck on the top floor.

They couldn't make out what it was exactly cause it was about 20 yards away but it was hairy for sure. I decided to go down there and this is what I found:


TSM/Mark Frankhouse
TSM/Mark Frankhouse

A coyote. A dead coyote drippin all over you? Gross. I was actually surprised to see this cause I don't think it's in the lease agreement, but I can bet "Don't hang up dead animals outside you apartment" has gotta be somewhere in the fine print.



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