Okay...I've been in Kalamazoo for a couple of months now. There's so much that I've come to love already. The beautiful lakes, the plethora of nature trails, the local cafes and restaurants...but this is the exception.

I first noticed this structure on W Michigan Ave as we were making our first ever trip to Trader Joes on Stadium Drive. Passing in a flash I thought, "Was that a bus stop? One of those exercise stops you sometimes see on trails? Art??" As it turns out the third guess was closer to the truth.

Google Street View
Google Street View

This outdoor sculpture was installed in 1987 outside of Kalamazoo College. You can read more about it here. But, spotting this sculpture on the side of the road made me wonder...what other art displays or sculptures can you spot from the road while driving around Michigan? And are they as...unique as this one? The answer is yes. 😆

Weird Sculptures Spotted From Michigan Roads

Thanks to Mlive.com for information behind these sculptures. With this many easily found on google maps I have to believe that there are more that we're missing. Have you spotted any interesting art installations in your town? Let us know on the KFR app.

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