Two Illinois men should've brought a tape measure with them before stealing 75 inch TV from Walmart.

This hilarious caper was pulled off in a small Illinois village called Mount Prospect.  Mount Prospect is about the size of Portage, Michigan, and is located about half an hour Northwest of Chicago.  I call it hilarious due to the obvious lack of planning on the behalf of the thieves.

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Two men allegedly walked into that Walmart at Mount Prospect Plaza in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, put a 75-inch flat-screen TV into a cart, and promptly left the building according to,

Video surveillance showed one man entering the store at 2:24 p.m. and the other man entering a minute later. One went to the electronics department with a cart. A short time later, both were seen taking a 75-inch Roku TV...

The two unidentified men were then seen strapping the large television to the top of their black sedan after realizing they could not fit the stolen item inside the vehicle.  The two men then allegedly drove away with a TV on the roof of their car never to be seen again.  That's right, the police were unable to find or identify the suspects as well as the getaway car.  As ridiculous and unplanned as this caper was, the two thieves got away with a $750 75-inch Roku TV.

In completely unrelated news, there's probably a new 75-inch flat-screen smart TV on sale on Craigslist.

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