Street names have always been kind of funny to me. Obviously you can tell when certain street names are named after important figures from the area's history. Or sometimes there's a certain theme around a subdivision. The one I grew up in was called Wildflower. So all the street names obviously were named after wildflowers. Daylily, Primrose, Goldenrod, Buttercup, and Mayapple were all pretty obvious street names.

Some street are just straight up weird and you wonder just who or what inspired them to be named that way. From Jughandle Road in Livonia, Crapo Street in Mount Pleasant, Stoner Street in River Rouge, and Psycho Path in Traverse City. Heck, even Only In Your State listed Sprinkle Road here in Kalamazoo as one of the 9 weirdest street names in Michigan.

But we have our own fair share of weird street names in Kalamazoo that I figured we could make our own list. If you live or have lived on one of these streets then I guess that makes you a little bit cooler than the rest of us. Granted some of these may be named after someone, so no offense meant if I joke about them. But one thing seems for certain, there are a lot of fantastical street names in Kalamazoo.

Oddest/ Silliest Kalamazoo Street Names

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