Chelsea Rose joins Dana Marshall to cohost the morning show on 103.3 KFR!

That's right. Dana actually convinced someone to come sit in a soundproof studio with him for 6+ hours a day!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chelsea Rose and yes, I actually moved here from the crazy story filled, gator infested, sunshine state known as Florida. I know it can be awkward getting to know a new person so here are some things to know about me!

First, I love Star Wars. A lot. To the point where I even have a tattoo dedicated to the franchise. That's no joke. My cat is even named Vader BUT I didn't pick out that name I swear! Like my father before me, I fell in love with the characters and will probably feel nostalgic about the series for the rest of my life. Does this match Dana's obsession with Prince? Probably not. 😂

Vader, Chelsea Rose's Cat

Second, I LOVE food. Of course, that's nothing too interesting but it did motivate me to start dating my significant other who happens to be a chef. If I could swap jobs with anyone it would be Guy Fieri. Drive around the country devouring delicious dishes? Yes, please! Although, I'll pass on the bleached blonde hair.

Chelsea Rose

Do you have a favorite local spot? Throw it at me and I will absolutely try it!

Third, I'm a HUGE believer in self-care. Whether that means taking time to sit at home alone binge watching your favorite show, treating yourself to an at home facial, cutting out toxic people in your life, going to therapy, boxing, whatever it is - if it makes YOU feel better I support it! As an added's me with one of those at home masks. I hope it makes you smile 😆

Chelsea Rose

That's just a little bit about me. I'm looking forward to getting to know you! Find me on Instagram or Tiktok @ThatChickChelsea. And catch me and Dana weekday mornings 5:30-10am!

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