Imagine walking in the woods in a remote area of Michigan and you stumble upon an abandoned motel in the middle of the woods. It sounds like something out of a horror movie but it's actually a real thing. In the middle of the woods in Johannesburg, MI, near Gaylord, lies the remnants of the Echo Valley Resort. This was once a stay in the area, but has long since closed. gives a detailed description of this lost relic:

Hidden deep within the northern Michigan forest is an old stone motel style building. It looks as if it has not been used for a long time with the moss-covered steps and roof. The forest motel is the remains of the old Echo Valley Resort on Johannesburg Lake. It is in the back of what is now the Louis M. Groen Nature preserve near the town of Johannesburg. I did not go in the building as it was roped off with a no trespassing sign. Hopefully, the nature preserve will eventually be able to do something with the old building.

Used with permission: Rob Henderson
Used with permission: Rob Henderson

It's interesting to know that Mr. Groen, who the preserve is named after, was said to have invented the Filet-O-Fish sandwich for McDonald's in Cincinnati in 1961. Apparently there are plans to restore the old saw mill that once was in operation as well. Recently in Mattawan, someone discovered the old chimney in the middle of the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery in Mattawan. We still have yet to know what the story behind that is, but if you're interested in checking out this abandoned motel, do it safely as there are "No Trespassing" signs hung around the building. Don't get yourself in trouble with the law...or potential spirits.

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